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Penny  (14 Aug 2020 10:12)
If anyone was in Mr Edmondsons class in 1960 - 1963 please ge
t in touch

Penny  (09 Aug 2020 17:34)
Trying to make contact with Dennis Thompson.
The right Dennis will remember our form teachers name

Dawne Billman nee Thorpe  (04 Aug 2020 14:51)
My ex husband who was RAF was stationed at RAF Akrotiri from 1971 - 74 we had a hiring firstly in Polimedia village just behind Berengeria and then into Limmasol itself we were evacuated on to camp due to being invaded in 74

Katharine Hassan  (11 Jul 2020 07:21)
I lived in Berengaria 1992- 1994. And Episkopi 1996-1998. Father was in army PT core. Amazing place to live. I had my sports days at Happy Valley :)

Russ Baker  (08 Jul 2020 11:52)
Afternoon - can somebody put me in touch with Director of Rugby at Akrotiri? or anyone i can deal with - we are a UK Rugby team based in the west country who may be looking to tour to Cyprus in late October 2021 or Feb 2022 - many thanks look forward to hearing from someone soon!

Carol Wright  (29 Jun 2020 16:06)
Lived at 32 Princes Street 1968/1969 house hit by tornado, temporary move to Limassol rehoused at 26 Barnet Road.

Ray Richards   (28 Jun 2020 15:55)
Lived at 5 Phillip Road from July 1968 - July 1971. Best three years of my childhood. Would love to hear from anyone else who was there around the same time and recalls the damage done to the station by the water spouts / whirl winds around Xmas 1969/70. Have so many fantastic memories of my time there. RAF Akrotiri will always be a very special place for me.

JosephMak  (23 Jun 2020 13:22)

Dennis Thompson  (17 Jun 2020 11:30)
i arrived Cyprus Sep 6th 1960 by MS Dilwara, one of the last troopships, with my parents and 2 siblings. On the 10 days sea crossing we stopped at Gibralter and Malta. Shared a cabin with 3 other kids my age. I was 13. Dad was RAF. Landed at Famagusta then military bus dropping px off enroute to Limassol where we alighted and got booked into Hotel Continental on seafront for a few days while Dad searched for off base accommodation. After 3 days we moved into our first home in Cyprus which was a well built bungalow with address "from Polimedia crossroads go up Ayia Philia (spelling hehe)then take 4th turn on left".
Our unique bungalow and home for a year was last house on the right.
Ole. with such an address no chance getting lost ! School bus to Berengaria ACS pick up point was end of my road. nearest class mates lived not too far away. best friend was Terry Kennelly same class. many weekends we partied his house booze and fags with his parents up at the Akrotiri Sgts Mess functions. no chance my home because siblings disloyal and parents not smoke Facebook Dennis R. Thompson

Dennis Thompson  (17 Jun 2020 11:05)
correction. my facebook account: Dennis R. Thompson Thankyou

Dennis Thompson  (17 Jun 2020 11:05)
correction. my facebook account: Dennis R. Thompson Thankyou

Dennis Thompson  (17 Jun 2020 09:06)
Any oldies still around. Limassol and Akrotiri 1960-62. Age range upper 13 to 16. Attended (sort of) Berengaria Army Childrens School. Class mates included Mick (Butch) Bennet, Terry Kennelly, Jeff Waller (Army Brat), Dave Don, Tom Weaver (my neighbour), Pete Zapasnik, Pauline Oddy, Shemmeld sisters, Pat Shilling, Angie Weaver. and more. Most of us guys were Secondary School products and left school age 15. Nowhere to go except back to UK at RAF expense and then into RAF Boy Entrants or Apprentice training schools but that's another history. I am now 73 and like to hear from anyone before i drop. Facebook Dennis R.

John Cunningham  (23 May 2020 10:28)
At Akrotiri, 1961,62,63,64. 32sqdn canberras. Probably the best time of my life. Used to travel all over Cyprus on motorbikes at the time.

Andrew Wood  (11 May 2020 01:11)
My dad was posted here between 87-89 (Dave Wood, 84 Sqn supply). We lived at 20 The Oval, and I remember our Cyprus days fondly. I joined up myself and spent 14 years in blue, serving on 43 Sqn, the Reds and ACES at RAF Lossiemouth. I now work for an energy company. Mum and dad doing ok, would love to hear from anyone that knew me. I was taught by Miss Butt, Mr Way and Mr Brewerton at APS. Best Regards to all.

Dawn Barrow ( Terry )  (10 May 2020 15:51)
My father was posted to Episkopi 1969-71 abd we lived at 16 Dorset Drive. Went to Episkopi Primary School but spent most of my free time at the saddle club in Happy Valley. Remember all the beach names as if it was yesterday. Visited about 15 years ago and although now gated little had changed. Friends from those days were Diana and PATRICIA Allen Elizabeth Hearle and Julia Chapman. Best days ever

Tracey Humphreys   (29 Apr 2020 09:24)
We were based at Episkopi barracks from 2000-2003 and as well as painting several animal Portraits I also painted Happy Valley. I had the painting printed up into over 500 prints which I donated to the WOs and Sgts Mess at Episkopi. I'm sure they sold many as leaving gifts but I never once got a thank you or any offer to compensate me for all the prints I left as we were emergency evacuated back to UK in 2003 due to my daughters I'll health. It would have been nice to know how many prints were taken and if they even appreciated the donation to the Mess. I guess I will never know.

Georgina Harris  (31 Oct 2019 20:12)
My father was posted to RAF Akrotiri 1968-1971 and we lived in a hiring in Limassol, walking distance to the NAAFI, the Island Club etc. I went to St John?s and started in 3rd year, my brother Philip Harris was in year 1. I remember going on the school bus from Limassol. We used to go to Tunnel Beach for swimming lessons. I also used to go to the riding school near Polemedia, Limassol. We used to go to six mile beach every weekend, six miles out of Limassol. I remember the beer festival, the Keo factory, driving up to the Troodos mountains, Platres village.

Brian Barnes  (22 Sep 2019 17:17)
Was an Army brat here in around 79. Lived in the first house in Princes Street, on the corner of Alexendra Hill. Fond memories.

john.hoath  (05 Aug 2019 20:11)
Was at st. John's '68 to '69. 2nd and 3rd year. A long time ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. Travelled in by bus from Limasol each day. Sports in Happy Valley. Cricket, soccer and athletics. Don't do facebook but wondered if anyone there at same time. Can anyone remember the teacher's names

Duncan Pitkeathly  (01 Jun 2019 05:16)
I was posted to Episkopi in February 1959, and was with 3 GHQ Signal Regiment as a teleprinter operator till end of July 1960, then was demobbed and went back to Edinburgh , loved the posting far far better than being stuck in the UK .Duncan.

Ted Ray  (10 Mar 2019 09:01)
Remember arriving at Nicosia by comet in full No1 carrying Great coat and travelling by car to RAF Episkopi and transported to Paramali were no bed was allocated to me,June 1961

Darren Scott  (05 Jan 2019 18:31)
Great memories of Cyprus.
We lived at 8 Hampshire Terrace 1981-1982 and I went to Episkopi Primary

P Nugent  (14 Nov 2018 15:07)
Ahh memories. I was in Episkopi 65 to 68, R Sigs. Remember Picture House, Naafi,Dodge City, Merc Taxis to Limassol, Bril RAF Cookhouse, Mhukka's opposite,Clifftop Club,is that still there? some good nights there, Istanbul Club in Limassol, Mezzis, Episkopi village late nights/early morning drinking.Happy Valley. Happy days.

John alexander   (24 Aug 2018 07:58)
Hi, I lived at number one 16 princess street. I lived there with my family, the Alexander's

Penelope Pugh  (25 Jun 2018 14:50)
I remember visiting RAF Episkopi Happy Valley Beach in the 1960s.The beach was partitioned off/ rank segregated...Each area had its own follows Airmen & their women.SNCOs and their wives,Officers and their ladies. When I showed a photo of this to my father,ex RAF Officer WW2 he was disgusted.Trade Gp11 NNNN

Rob Latham  (13 Jun 2018 22:31)
Was in Akrotiri early eighties and had many enjoyable kebabs at Sylvanas just on the strip outside the base. Going back to Limassol next year so wondered if still Sylvanas is still open?
Many thanks

Colin Cope  (09 Jun 2018 15:05)
Charles Street No.8 1971~74

Kipper  (16 Apr 2018 10:39)
I was a member of the club 1969/70 and the last time I visited the club was 1987. My name [Kipper] was in the trophy on the bottom shelf in the clubhouse. Is it still there and could someone send me a photo please?

Thank you

Steve Crook  (12 Mar 2018 12:22)
Dad was posted to RAF Episkopi (as it was then) in early 1972. He was the Principal Dental Officer at RAF Episkopi. We were in a hiring in Limassol for the first few months and then moved to a quarter in South Paramali, No 17 Gloucester Hill. Had a lovely view over the bay from the back garden. I was in my mid / late teens and had a great time there. We travelled all over the island before partition including Troodos, Kyrenia, Paphos etc. Lots of us dependants would get together for kebab nights in Limassol, great fun! Good fun was also had on the beaches including taking part in the Happy Valley to Tunnel Beach swim in 1972 & 1973. I still have the certificates signed by the Station Commander - Group Captain KCD Nixon.

I remember the 1974 crisis well. We could hear sounds of battles in the distance and there were great clouds of smoke from parts of the forest set on fire at one point. I saw a National Guard convoy drive along the main road through RAF Episkopi. We had two families evacuated to us, Corporal Shaw from the Royal Scots and Sergeant Watson from the RAF. The house was suddenly packed with loads of kids and mum cooking up lots of meals from the compo rations with help from the other wives. The same families returned to us for the second evacuation and were then repatriated after a few days. I also helped out cleaning and washing up etc in one of the messes at Episkopi which was serving thousands of meals to trapped tourists and refugees. It was hot work but great to be able help out.

I finally returned to the UK early September 1974 as had to go to college and Dad was posted back to the UK early 1975. I?ve been back for holidays several times since (last time mid 2000?s). The tourist areas are now much more developed but on driving through Episkopi and past Happy Valley, it all looks very much the same! I really enjoyed my time there and it would be great to hear from anyone I knew there then. It?s a long time ago now, but some names I remember are Brian Dawson, Nigel & Ian Taplin, and Kevin Mcdonell .

Alison McFarlane   (02 Dec 2017 17:31)
I used to live at 14 Pembroke Park North Paramali with my parents & worked at Epi Garrison. Then 9 Dorset Drive South Paramali briefly. After getting married at Area Office Akroriri in 1995 I moved to 15 Durham Road on Epi Garrison. Very happy times.

Brian Ashby  (18 Aug 2017 07:07)
I lived at 28 Tyrone Street 1960 to 1966, Aged 6 - 12. The best fun I ever had growing up. Walking through the tunnel to the beach daily to swin out to the pontoons and laze around. Such great memories. Any old photos of 28 Tyrone St would be nice.

Geraldine Parsons was Parker  (02 Jul 2017 21:34)
who was at St Johns in 1970/1973

Geraldine Parsons was Parker  (02 Jul 2017 21:34)
who was at St Johns in 1970/1973

Andrew Batty   (25 Jun 2017 20:40)
I lived at 49 Albion Street 73-75, Mr Bishop was my teacher, not found anyone from that time yet

Carol Wright  (24 Apr 2017 20:24)
Lived at 26 Barnet Road 1969

Sarah Mcconnell  (24 Apr 2017 19:33)
Lived at 7 harding avenue. On akrotiri base.

Ben Passmore  (24 Jan 2017 07:52)
Lived at 5 Tyrone Street, Epi from 1991 - 1994. Loved Happy Valley and sailing at ISYC (now ESSC). Great times!

Steve  (29 Nov 2016 21:18)
Loved Arabs

Barry  (23 Aug 2016 17:50)
Hi. Any photos between 1970
-1973 or Dynamoes football team ?

Janet Stone (Peart)  (22 Jun 2016 18:35)
Best years of my life spent at the saddle club 1965 to 1968.

mike bradley  (18 Jan 2016 15:11)
lived at 18 Westmorland Drive Episkopi with my brothers John and Kevin and sisters Chris ands Cathy.
Dad was in the catering corps.
Loved it there except for the Turkish army ruining my 11th birthday !!!

David Outterside  (19 Jul 2015 21:47)
that was #10 Westmoreland

David Outterside  (19 Jul 2015 21:45)
lived at # 10 in 1963 dad in the Glosters

Stephen Smith  (25 Jan 2015 15:22)
Hi Bernard, unfortunately my hard-disk packed up about a month ago and I lost all the comments and tags. Fortunately I had a backup of all the photos, but everything else was lost.

Bernard G Browne  (25 Jan 2015 15:06)
Where is all the information that I supplied regarding the formation of the Scout group in the mid 1950s and its early history which seems to be wiped from the site great pity as I would have thought it would have been very informative and helpful for the groups many members.

All information correct as of 1988. Many of these pictures have been copied from the web. All copyrights are fully acknowledged. If you have any pictures you'd like to share, email them to Many thanks to Clare Mallon for sending in some pictures.

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