ACRA SEMPA ACRIA (Akrotiri is Always Ready)Keo

RAF Akrotiri Virtual Tour

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Tracey Humphreys (29 Apr 2020)
We were based at Episkopi barracks from 2000-2003 and as well as painting several animal Portraits I also painted Happy Valley. I had the painting printed up into over 500 prints which I donated to the WOs and Sgts Mess at Episkopi. I'm sure they sold many as leaving gifts but I never once got a thank you or any offer to compensate me for all the prints I left as we were emergency evacuated back to UK in 2003 due to my daughters I'll health. It would have been nice to know how many prints were taken and if they even appreciated the donation to the Mess. I guess I will never know.

RAF Akrotiri Virtual Tour