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RAF Akrotiri Virtual Tour

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MalcolmTownsend (08 Oct 2020)
For Geraldine Parker - I'm sorry to learn of the loss of your dad......Was your dad Sgt Ken Parker....?

P. Joy (01 Aug 2019)
We were caught up in the troubles in the 1970's. family evacuated along with many others. I completed an unaccompanied tour for 9 months.But we were repaid and returned 1981-4 .P Joy

Andrew Tiny (24 Apr 2017)
I was there 73-75, I also remember hail stones like golf balls, also tremors

Sarah Mcconnell (24 Apr 2017)
We lived at 7 harding ave. 1968 i remember being there. Lindsay Jones was same age. Remember massive hailstones too.

Andy Tiny (03 Jan 2017)
I lived at 49 Albion Street 73-75 if anyone else was there at the same time please get in contact,

Geraldine Parker (05 Apr 2015)
We was at Akrotiri in 1969-1972. My dad was a PTI Trainer.
Sadly he passed away last year and Im trying to do a memory book relating to places we've been with him.

RAF Akrotiri Virtual Tour