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RAF Akrotiri Virtual Tour

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P. Joy (01 Aug 2019)
We were caught up in the troubles in the 1970's. family evacuated along with many others. I completed an unaccompanied tour for 9 months.But we were repaid and returned 1981-4 .P Joy

Andrew Tiny (24 Apr 2017)
I was there 73-75, I also remember hail stones like golf balls, also tremors

Sarah Mcconnell (24 Apr 2017)
We lived at 7 harding ave. 1968 i remember being there. Lindsay Jones was same age. Remember massive hailstones too.

Andy Tiny (03 Jan 2017)
I lived at 49 Albion Street 73-75 if anyone else was there at the same time please get in contact,

Geraldine Parker (05 Apr 2015)
We was at Akrotiri in 1969-1972. My dad was a PTI Trainer.
Sadly he passed away last year and Im trying to do a memory book relating to places we've been with him.

RAF Akrotiri Virtual Tour