ACRA SEMPA ACRIA (Akrotiri is Always Ready)Keo

RAF Akrotiri Virtual Tour

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Mark Smith (17 May 2020)
Lived in Limassol from July 1968 to July 1974. my Father worked for the the MPBW at Akrotiri.
I attended Campbell for one year moving to St Johns September 1969, I have a brother called Andrew who spent the four years at St Johns. Some of the teachers I remember are Mr Curtis (Metal work), Mr Lowe (PE) Miss Cooper (Science). I rememer traveling by bus to school always hoping the driver would go via the M1 and maybe another bus.
Buttons bay at Akrotiri was a popular visit as were \ladies mile and Govenors. I don't remember names that well but two that come to mins are Mark Triggs and John Sharp.
Great days

RAF Akrotiri Virtual Tour