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Aaron Bly (22 Nov 2015)
omg i just saw what building i was in it brings back so many memories
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Steve Smith (14 Nov 2015)
That's definitely 23 Queens Street - that's my mum in the photo. You must have laid a different patio though, as we were 87-89.
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Mick Sharp (14 Nov 2015)
If that is 23 Queens St I laid that patio! Borrowed! the slabs from the old swimming pool at Buttons Bay 1991 ish
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maria o`malley./cox (15 Oct 2015)
I lived at 26 Barnet Road. 1986 to 1988. Loved it,so many memories..
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Jason abbott (25 Sep 2015)
lived here whilst my dad was in the movers WO2 Abbott
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Andtew (20 Sep 2015)
I lived at 49 Albion Street in 1974, age 10, best 3 years of my life, the conflict made it more exciting for a kid, I think about my childhood with pride
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Ken Wright (10 Aug 2015)
Lived at number 10 from 1965-68...great place to be a kid!
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dewayne grant (23 Jul 2015)
Is this the H block club?
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David Outterside  (19 Jul 2015 21:47)
that was #10 Westmoreland
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David Outterside  (19 Jul 2015 21:45)
lived at # 10 in 1963 dad in the Glosters
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